Animal Chiropractic

Full Motion Animal Chiropractic provided by Dr. Imke Schaible at your home or barn is essential for all your furry friends.

What is Animal Chiropractic?

Animal Chiropractic is a profession governed by an agreement between the Ontario College of Veterinarians (OCV) and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO).
It is specialized post graduate training for either licensed Doctors of Chiropractic or of Veterinary Medicine.
Animal Chiropractic does NOT replace traditional veterinary medicine or surgery but provides an additional method of care for a patient. Veterinarians and Chiropractors will work together to best serve the requirements of the animal.

Chiropractic is a holistic approach to a variety of health and performance issues and injuries.

Chiropractic addresses the unique and intimate relationship that must exist between the nervous system, spinal column and all surrounding muscles. They understand how balanced, symmetrical movement relates sto and maintains overall health and performance.

A chiropractic adjustment is a very safe, controlled and quick yet gentle force applied to areas of joint restriction (subluxation) to restore: full and normal biomechanics, release muscle tension and imbalances, relieve pain and restore proper nerve function.

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An initial consultation will include: thorough health history, gait analysis, static/motion palpation of muscles and joints in the spine and extremities, range of motion testing and neurological evaluation. Occasionally a referral for an X-ray examination or further testing via the regular veterinarian may be advised to help rule out more serious problems.

Animal Chiropractic Care is most commonly used for horses, dogs and cats. However, please note that any animal that has vertebrae can develop problems with their spine and benefit from chiropractic care.

Why You Use Animal Chiropractic

  • Inability to jump in/out of car, difficulty going up or down stairs
  • Muscle asymmetry and/or tenderness, topline tenderness or roaching (hunched back)
  • Muscle weakness causing stumbling while on a walk
  • Restricted movement of legs causing irregular gait pattern such as shortened strides, side-winding
  • Stiffness in body and overall gait when first ‘getting going’
  • Injuries sustained from slips, falls, rough play or sport
  • Poorly fitted saddles, harnesses, collars, excessive leash tugging
  • Trouble chewing food because of jaw or TMJ problems
  • Post-surgical treatment to minimize the occurrence of biomechanical compensatory changes that would otherwise prolong healing
  • Improve quality of life, comfort and mobility for older animals
  • Overall ongoing maintenance of optimal spinal mobility and overall body performance

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