Registered Massage Therapy

Colin Carrigan RMT

Grant Smith RMT

Kasi Jung RMT

Massage therapy is an effective way to relieve stress, muscle tension, headaches and many other conditions.  Chiropractic and massage are effective in combination for the overall management of many conditions.

It is recommended that New Patients book for one hour (or more!) for the initial visit in order to complete a full history, examination and treatment.

Please note that there is no OHIP or WSIB coverage for registered massage therapy services.

Our clinic accepts auto insurance claims on an individual basis.

Massage therapy may be covered fully or partially under your own or your spouse’s extended health care benefits.  Please call your insurer for information.

ALL Patients are reminded that should they wish to change or cancel their appointments, 24 hour notice is required or they will be charged for their missed appointment.