Chiropractic Care for Dogs

Full Motion Animal Chiropractic with Dr. Imke Schaible

  • Effective holistic, hands-on therapy for movement correction and enhanced performance.
  • Is NOT intended to replace veterinary care but to be used as a complimentary and integrative type of care that has shown to be potent and well tolerated by horses and is something that they seem to enjoy!
  • Complements massage therapy and traditional treatments directed at lameness using joint injection and can prove to be key in difficult or chronic lameness.
  • Helps in treating stiffness and pain in neck, back, tail and extremities.
  • Detects joint motion abnormalities and faulty gait.
  • Joint restriction or malalignment (subluxation) usually associated with muscle tension/pain are found and corrected using soft tissue therapy techniques and gentle manual chiropractic adjustment.
  • An adjustment is a very specific, quick, controlled gentle force maneuver that aids a joint in returning to its normal position and/or motion. This encourages normalized nerve function, reduces pain and enhances overall good health.
  • Subluxations, particularly long-standing ones, can cause a number of different symptoms ranging in intensity and severity. Subluxated spinal vertebrae can cause painful irritation to the associated nerve and all other surrounding soft tissue. This in turn can interfere with the nerve impulses to muscles and other parts of the body that results in muscle weakness, wasting, asymmetry and faulty gait/body motion.
  • By restoring and maintaining normal biomechanics, degenerative changes may be prevented and/or slowed and therefore makes regular maintenance chiropractic care a wise choice for all dogs.