Custom Orthotics

Are you tired of Foot, Knee and Lower Back Pain?

Your feet have a direct impact on the rest of your body.  Like the foundation of a house our feet support the weight of everything above them.   When a small problem develops in your feet, the subtle change in the way you walk will cause a chain reaction of adjustments in your posture and walking mechanics.  These changes can put stress on joints higher up in your body, and lead to more serious problems.

Our clinic offers foot and gait analysis. Orthotics can help treat and prevent many common foot, knee, hip and lower back conditions including: Flat Feet, Heel Spurs, Morton’s Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis, Low Back Pain, Bunions, Knee Pain and Shin Splints.

We are proud to carry the whole series of the orthotic product line from both the Orthotic Group and Footmaxx.

Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics available

Custom Orthotic Shoes available

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