To anyone who comes here with feelings of nervousness, trepidation, anxiety, or just doesn’t like chiropractors. Let me try to put you at ease. I have been seeing Anne, Imke and/or Colin for quite some time now. I started seeing Anne for an injury to my shoulder about 20 years ago. After a few treatments, not only was the pain gone, but I was able to use my arm again. Over the years, I have seen Anne or Imke for a variety of work related injuries. Their ability to use a variety of therapies has enabled me to continue working usually without the need to take time off. Occasionally I get migraines. I used to take medication for them and would need to take the day off work. I mentioned them to Anne one day and started coming to see her when a migraine hit. Not only did I stop taking the medication but I also didn’t need to take the day off work. I would be able to go to work after an adjustment with a clear and pain free head. The varieties of techniques they use have made my life so much easier. I have been a patient of Anne and/or Imke for over 20 years. I may not come in often or I’ll be here three or four times a week, depending on the complaint. When I can, I also take advantage of the deep tissue massage with Colin. I can tell you that when I leave, I feel like a new person, all the tension and stress of dealing with children with psychiatric disorders Monday to Friday seems to disappear. I highly recommend that you keep an open mind and wait to see how you feel after a treatment or two. I am sure you will agree with me and continue to see these amazing people whenever you need to.

Mrs. D. Miller,

Child Therapist